Monday, February 8, 2016

February 2016 Update

College of Agriculture Wall Murals

Creative Media and Technology (CMT) has completed an impressive environmental design project for the College of Agriculture. Five large-scale, floor-to-ceiling photo murals, with the longest one spanning more than 30 linear feet, were installed on the second and third floors of Plumas Hall. These murals added vibrant color and excitement to the otherwise monotonous hallway while showcasing the beautiful University Farm and its amazing products.

Conceptualized by CMT photographer Jason Halley and managed by Johnny Poon from the Presentation Graphics Lab, this project was conducted over the course of 2 months. The project was highly collaborative, starting with cooperating with Environmental Health and Safety for fire regulation approval, working with Interim Dean David Daley to develop the visual concept to tell the story of “College of Agriculture,” and finally by working with outside vendors for fabrication and installation. An exciting time-lapse video of the installation was also produced by CMT Video Production Services to create social media exposure and excitement for the College. This project was paid for entirely by donors annual funds. Additional assistance from Ag Administrative Specialist Robin McCrea, CMT Art Director Chris Ficken (retired), and EHS Coordinator Yvette Streeter, made this a truly collaborative success.

TechTalks “A half hour of neuron firing knowledge”


On Friday, January 15th Dennis Partington presented the first TechTalk titled Beyond the Firewall. Each TechTalk presentation is 15 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of Q&A. TechTalks are presented by technical staff in Information Resources to stimulate cross-departmental and interdepartmental communication about technologies managed/used on campus.

The first TechTalk was very successful with 69 staff and student staff in attendance. The next TechTalk is scheduled for Friday, February 12th at 11:30am in Colusa 100A. The presenter will be Brent Liotta from Classroom Technologies and the title of the TechTalk is How Smart Is Your Classroom? For a schedule of future TechTalks, visit the TechTalks webpage.

University Advancement New Tower Society Website

Web Services recently helped University Advancement launch the Tower Society website at The recognition society honors donors who make an annual leadership gift to support programs and initiatives across campus. The custom responsive website was designed as a way to showcase the society and the reasons to give to the University.

Customer Feedback

Information Resources appreciates constructive customer feedback. Below are some positive customer comments we received since the last newsletter.

“ITSS personnel have been highly responsive and competent in the set-up, delivery and trouble-shooting my new computer. My compliments to the guys (and gals) in the shop. I would single out Kevin Weherly and Dain Sandoval as particularly helpful.”
-William Loker, Dean of Undergraduate Education
“I love the new online service for creating tickets, orders, ITPR's. It's very smooth, fast, and helpful. Thanks!” -Amanda Coorough, Intercollegiate Athletics
“Over the years, I've had a few calls to fix something related to the computer or projector in Glenn 210 (after all, even with our best efforts, stuff breaks). When I needed something fixed the response time was VERY fast. Not only fast, but technicians were sensitive to class activity. I'm always impressed. It is clear the technicians understand the mission of our university and clearly see their role in making it happen.” -Robert Sprague, Management

CNI project and the Palo Alto Network

As part of the Common Network Infrastructure (CNI) refresh program, the campus border firewall was upgraded in December 2015 to increase capacity and add a rich set of new security features. The border firewall acts as the first line of defense between the Internet and internal campus systems, and is a key part of our broader security architecture. The previous system was replaced with a pair of firewalls from Palo Alto Networks, a leader in the network security field.

This new system has features that can significantly increase network security in areas such as:
  • Detect and block malware traversing the network
  • Identify malware that has never been seen before
  • Block many types of common network attacks
  • Identify suspected compromised systems within the campus network
  • Provide rich data mining and reporting capabilities to assist with security incident forensics
CSU, Chico was the first CSU campus to implement Palo Alto Networks firewalls for the CNI program, and helped identify a number of ways the project implementation could be improved. The rest of the CSU system will be seeing similar upgrades this year, and the lessons learned here will be of great value to other CSU campuses. Network Operations (NOP) and Information Security (ISEC) will be working together with their peers across the CSU to find the best ways to optimize and manage these sophisticated new systems.

Team Dynamix Client Satisfaction Survey

In October 2015, Information Resources began sending out IT client satisfaction surveys to a sampling of users who had requested IT help. The purpose of the survey is to gauge the overall satisfaction with our services and to help IRES identify areas for service improvement. The survey, sent via email, asks users how satisfied they were overall with the service they received and how satisfied they were with the timeliness of their service.

Since starting the survey, 1399 surveys have been sent out and we have received 317 responses - a response rate of 23%.

Taken together, survey respondents have rated their overall satisfaction at 4.44 out of 5, and their satisfaction with the timeliness of their service at 4.35 out of 5. 86% of all respondents were either “Satisfied” or “Very Satisfied” with their overall experience, and 82% were either “Satisfied” or “Very Satisfied” with the timeliness of their service.

Tips for Using the IT Service Catalog

As part of the rollout of the new IT service management system, Information Resources, in concert with Business Information Technology Services, has launched a new online IT Service Catalog.

The IT Service Catalog can be used to quickly and easily request everything from a new computer (faculty and staff only) to getting help with the wireless network. The service catalog is available to all students, faculty, and staff on campus, and contains hundreds of available IT services.

Because there are so many services available in the service catalog, here are a few tips to help make the service catalog more useful and easy to use.

1. Use the Search Box

Rather than use the menus to try and to find the exact service you need, try using the search box in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Try entering in keywords that match what you're looking for, like "new computer" or "wireless help".

More tips:
You may see more services if you log into the service catalog first. Some services are only available to staff and faculty and aren't visible if you aren't logged in.

The search box in the upper right searches both the service catalog as well as the knowledge base. To search just the service catalog, click on "Services" and then "Search" in the submenu (see screenshot, below).

2. Favorite Services that You Use Frequently

If there are services that you use a lot, you can add them to your favorites. Just click on the "Add to Favorites" button (only visible if you are logged in) to add a service to your favorites.

To access your favorite services, click on "My Favorite" under "Services".

3. Check the Status of your Tickets Online

When you submit a service request via the service catalog, you can easily check on the status of your ticket online.

To check the status of your tickets, click on "Services" and then "Ticket Requests". Your most recent ticket will appear at the top of the list.

Staff and Organizational Changes

New Staff

Gail Vanderhoof joined Creative Media Technology (CMT) in November as Senior Graphic Designer, focusing on special projects. Gail comes with extensive agency and direct marketing experience, providing advertising, print, web, and multimedia projects for numerous national clients. Gail has resided in Butte County for 15 years and has two sons. The oldest graduated from Chico State two years ago, and the youngest is soon to be an alum in the spring. Outside of work, she is putting the finishing touches on a multimedia children’s book about their family’s bulldog titled B is for Bentley.

Megan Bielich joined Creative Media and Technology (CMT) as web support lead in December. After graduating from Chico State in 2009, she worked as a graphic designer for a small marketing company here in Chico. From there she moved to a software company where she started as a web designer and worked her way into user experience design. Since then, she has been an advocate for the user and enjoys breaking down complex user interactions to create simple solutions. At home, Megan likes to flex her creativity by making things and experimenting in the kitchen. She can whip up a batch of swiss meringue buttercream in no time, and has perfected her technique to bake the perfect apple pie.

Paul Smith recently joined the Telecommunications Services Department as a Field Services Technician. He was born and raised in Yuba City and graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree in Soil Science. After graduation, he worked as a contractor in the telecomm industry and worked for several years here at Chico State. Prior to this job, he worked for the Colusa County Public Works Department as a Civil Engineering Technician. Paul enjoys any activity involving the outdoors, especially fishing and golf. He has always liked the Chico area and is excited to be an employee of Chico State.


Crystal Williams served as the Administrative Analyst/Specialist in Information Resources responsible for HR activities for almost two years. In that time she worked with HR and the IRES managers to make the process of recruiting and hiring easier. She has also helped plan numerous meetings and events which were well attended and appreciated by IRES. Crystal started working on campus in 2001 and has worked in Student Judicial Affairs, Career Planning and Placement, Financial Aid and Scholarship, and Student Life and Leadership. Crystal is excited to spend more time with her husband, children and grandchildren. We wish her well and are thankful for everything she has contributed to the university.